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Hattrick announces

5-25-2022 “Bob, I Am Your Father”

Hattrick is a game of generations, where we take pleasure from seeing our young prospects grow up and make their mark on the pitch. But their contribution does not always end there - some of those legends end up raising their own kids, children who may find their way to your organization as well. With today’s release, we unveil family links in Hattrick - showing for every new player if they are related to other Hattrick characters. There is no in-game effect on being the brother or son of another player or staff member, but we think it is important to know where you have your roots.

5-12-2022 Training Planner Upgrade

Recently, our Platinum supporters had their yearly vote on which new Supporter feature they would most like to see. This time the winner was a set of improvements to the training planner, which we were happy to implement for them.

With our release today, it will now be possible to create multiple training plans. You will also be able to import players from the transfer list and add them to your training plans, which might be handy if you want to see how a potential new player fits in. Finally, it will now be possible to set custom training minutes in plans, in order to better estimate the training of players who plays only partial matches.

Multiple plans will be available for the Platinum tier and above, the other new features for Gold supporters as well.
We thank all Platinum users for their ideas and input, and we of course hope you will enjoy the new features!

5-4-2022 Player Sneak Peek & Extended Highlights

We have two new features to talk about today! The player sneak peek is a popup with key info about a player that activates when you hover above a player link on the forum, in a chat, or in a press release. You will be able to check name, age, owner, personality, TSI, salary, specialty, form, and stamina without leaving the page you are on. You can also look at skills if the player belongs to you or is currently on the transfer list.

We also added a new extended highlights mode for the match report page. Instead of just seeing goals, injuries, and substitutions, you can now enable extended highlights to see the complete set of chances as well. Once chosen, you can keep this way of seeing highlights as your personal default.

With love from the HT team!

4-29-2022 Joining New Local Circles

It is now possible to join an additional Local Circle. You can also create new ones, in locations where Circles do not exist today.

Joining a second Circle can be handy if you come from one town and live in another, for example. You will still need to be present geographically when joining the new Circle, but you no longer need to leave the former one.

You may also start a Circle where there was previously no active one. When looking for a new Circle in the app, some Circles may show up as inactive. You can join it, but it will need two more participants within 7 days to stay open. You may want to coordinate opening a Circle with some hometown friends to ensure a smooth start.

See you in the Circles!

4-25-2022 Hattrick Masters Draw

The Hattrick Masters starts next week on Monday. The draw for this season's edition will take place today at 15:00 (CET).

4-21-2022 New Missions

Our release this week is a new set of Missions, this time targeted at teams that are being managed actively, but that for one reason or another have been stuck without progress for many seasons. You never know when the Board may present you a Mission, and if you get one it will be unknown to the other teams in your series. If it happens, it is up to you to decide if the reward is worth the risk.

4-15-2022 Happy Easter!

As the holiday weekend comes upon us, we want to take the opportunity to apologize for the delays that have been occurring during match days for the past few weeks.

The delays have had several causes: quirks related to the new server, the sheer size of the new Anniversary league, as well as bugs in the new functionality for series selection. Each issue on its own has been manageable, but put together we know they have caused negative feelings for many of you.

We are sorry for this, and believe the worst is now past us.

We would also like to wish all our users an enjoyable Easter weekend. We hope you find all your eggs in time for Easter dinner!

The HT-Team

Server 080